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Item NoItem DescriptionExp. Date of Delivery
URGBLRBGirls Blazer Royal Blue : With RIS LogoAvailable in School Shop 23-Sep-2022
URBBLRBBoys Blazer Royal Blue : With RIS LogoAvailable in School Shop 23-Sep-2022
URSGTRNBSecondary Girls Trouser Navy BlueAvailable in School Shop 15-Sep-2022
URCAPHOUSE-S-BLUEHouse Cap : S : BlueAvailable in School Shop 20-Sep-2022
URSBTRNB-22X30Boys Trousers Navy Blue : W22 : L3030-Oct-22
URSBTRNB-24X24Boys Trousers Navy Blue : W24 : L2430-Oct-22
URSBTRNB-25X26Boys Trousers Navy Blue : W25 : L2630-Oct-22
URSBTRNB-26X30Boys Trousers Navy Blue : W26 : L3030-Oct-22
URSBTRNB-26X32Boys Trousers Navy Blue : W26 : L3230-Oct-22
URSBTRNB-30SX30Boys Trousers Navy Blue : W30S : L3030-Oct-22
URSBTRNB-30X30Boys Trousers Navy Blue : W30 : L3030-Oct-22
URSBTRNB-32X30Boys Trousers Navy Blue : W32 : L3030-Oct-22
URSBTRNB-32X32Boys Trousers Navy Blue : W32 : L3230-Oct-22
URSBTRNB-30X34Boys Trousers Navy Blue : W30 : L3430-Oct-22
URSBTRNB-36X32Boys Trouser Navy Blue : W36 X L3230-Oct-22
URSBTRNB-38X34Boys Trouser Navy Blue : W38 X L3430-Oct-22
URSBTRNB-40X32Boys Trouser Navy Blue : W40 X L3230-Oct-22
URSBTRNB-40X34Boys Trouser Navy Blue : W40 X L3430-Oct-22
URSBTRNB-42X32Boys Trouser Navy Blue : W42 X L3230-Oct-22
URGSKIS-20X18Girls Pleated Skirts : 20W X 18L05-Oct-22
URGSKIS-22X20Girls Pleated Skirts : 22W X 20L05-Oct-22
URGSKIS-24X18Girls Pleated Skirts : 24W X 18L05-Oct-22
URGSKIS-24X20Girls Pleated Skirts : 24W X 20L05-Oct-22
URGSKIS-24X22Girls Pleated Skirts : 24W X 22L05-Oct-22
URGSKI-34X24Girls Pleated Skirts : 34W X 24L05-Oct-22
URGSKI-36X24Girls Pleated Skirts : 36W X 24L05-Oct-22
URGSKI-38X24Girls Pleated Skirts : 38W X 24L05-Oct-22
URGSKI-40X24Girls Pleated Skirts : 40W X 24L05-Oct-22
URBSHO-20Boys Shorts : Size 20To be Confirmed
URBSHI-05Boys Shirt : Size 05To be Confirmed
URGSHI-05Girls Shirt : Size 05To be Confirmed
URGSHI-30Girls Shirt : Size 30To be Confirmed
URGSHI-32Girls Shirt : Size 32To be Confirmed
URCAPSWIM-ST-BLUESwim Cap : BlueTo be Confirmed